Watch market

This weekend we made a trip to the watch market to get the DiploMan’s watch fixed and see if I could find myself a spare watch (among the errands we were running).

Finding a spare watch was probably not the best general statement when wandering around the watch market in Guangzhou- there were literally tens of thousands of watches to choose from, displayed in counter after counter of glass cases. Watches piled upon watches, upon even more watches. Shockingly, I was able to find one that I liked pretty quickly, and after an unsuccessful attempt at bargaining (vendors generally don’t bargain here, at least not until you buy more than fifty of what they’re trying to sell).

Interestingly, when laid out on display, the vendors have fake fakes (yeah, you heard me.) – brands that were specifically designed to showcase the style and design of the watches, but not to sell. Once a watch is chosen, the real imitation is dug out from the back.

After a very confusing five minutes of me almost buying the fake fake, our watch lady finally explained that if caught even displaying a counterfeit brand, a vendor would receive a 30,000rmb penalty. She stealthily uncovered a counterfeit logo on the underside of the watch strap, taped over to hide from anyone ready to fine her. Not exactly the most ingenious of disguises, but it worked- after all, we didn’t even notice the little strip of camouflaged tape hiding the watch’s true fake identity.

Why she showed this to us, I have no idea. What if we were undercover?

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