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Been think­ing a ton about our upcom­ing move to Africa — we just got in touch with our spon­sors, who is the fam­ily (or some­times, indi­vid­ual) that con­tacts you, greets you, and makes sure you set­tle in as smoothly as pos­si­ble. We’ve been research­ing how to get a car, where to do yoga and Muay Thai, how to get into the yacht club on our penin­sula, Google-Earth-ing our neigh­bor­hood like crazy, and more impor­tantly, I’ve started hoard­ing lots of liq­uid goods in antic­i­pa­tion of our still TBD-packout date.


Which brings me to this blog. I’ve gone back to Peeps From Abroad, because in my heart of hearts, that’s what this blog always is to me. Check­out the new header logo too; I’ve taken out the Chi­nese mar­ket lamp (oh, how I saw SO many of those lamps while in China!), and no longer am I “West­ern Thoughts From An East­ern Land”. It’s now sim­ply: “Tastes + Adven­tures Over­seas”. Because, that’s what I plan to do, a lot of.

Just in case you don’t remem­ber, here’s the old header — I’ve obvi­ously got­ten illus­tra­tor and been play­ing around with a few fonts.…


Any­way, make sure to stay tuned. Lots more updates com­ing up in the next two months.…

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Thanks for stopping by. This blog was borne in late 2010 as a way to document the sights, eats, and experiences in Guangzhou, China. After two years, six countries, numerous meals, and countless encounters with locals later, I'm back temporarily in Washington, DC (and I love it). I'll be jetting off again to Africa in 2013, so keep on coming back for some good reads!

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