Screen shot 9647 photosCur­rently wait­ing as my lil lap­top (go Mac­Book, go!!) exports my iPhoto col­lec­tion onto my shiny new Lacie Min­imus exter­nal hard drive, only to import back into prop­erly labeled, dated, and edited fold­ers in Light­room. After talk­ing about it for a year, am finally get­ting putting this whole ‘photo orga­niz­ing’ thing to the test. And as that screen­shots indi­cate, why yes, I do take self­ies with my par­ents’ dog when I visit their home.

9,640, 9,639, 9,638…and counting…

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Thanks for stopping by. This blog was borne in late 2010 as a way to document the sights, eats, and experiences in Guangzhou, China. After two years, six countries, numerous meals, and countless encounters with locals later, I'm back temporarily in Washington, DC (and I love it). I'll be jetting off again to Africa in 2013, so keep on coming back for some good reads!

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