A City Unlike Any Other


Any big plans for the weekend? Working at my second HK Art Fair has been fun, but really I just love any excuse to be in this bustling, expensive/expansive, international metropolis they call Hong Kong. Truthfully, I’m even more excited to have the DiploMan join me here so we can watch The Avengers on Sunday! drink beer and order pizza at 2am at a shady bar in Wanchai.

After this weekend, we only have eight more (!!??!) weekends left in Guangzhou, many of which are already booked for side trips or weekend events. We’ll probably be able to squeeze in one more trip to Hong Kong in one of our last weekends in town, but just in case….I’m soaking it all in.

What’s your favorite city??! 



Mystery Meat

I always know what I’m getting myself into, especially when it comes to food.  But I don’t know what it was about this night- maybe it was the big vat of oil and flickering yellow lights that altered my senses, maybe it was fried mystery meat guy’s ‘friendly’ t-shirt- whatever it was, my general good food judgement was thrown entirely out the window.  While at sea.  And washed up on a deserted island.

What I do know is that this stuff looked oh-so mouth-watering tasty, smelled like a million oily bucks.  So much that I made the DiploMan walk by four times, like I was staking out the joint.  ok, wait, I guess I was.  So I just had to get it.  I suppose, in my altered state of mind, I expected a fried skewered chorizo or something (I know, I know, I have to remind myself that I’m in China….)

Whatever it was, it’s a stretch to say that it was even alright.  But B made sure I ate every last little nugget (damn his pride, and mine too).  Actually, I am pretty sure I had fried testicles or something up (down) that alley…