Montana via iPhone

Montana BBQ w/ Homemade Smoker Our pilgrimage to the northern midwest was prompted by a friend’s wedding. And also by the fact that neither of us had ever been to the great state of Montana. Which is just as good a reason as any to go somewhere, right?

Can I tell you about Montanans? Montanites? Montaneers? Whatever they like to be called, the folks we met from Montana were the nicest people I’ve ever met. Period.

Long lost relatives unite in Montana

The wedding was gorgeous, set amidst a backdrop of huge sprawling purple mountains and big blue sky- the biggest sky I’ve ever seen. America, the beautiful, indeed. Week two back in the U.S., and I was feeling pretty gosh darned patriotic.

There were even horses grazing casually by us as we were seated at the wedding. Horses! Grazing! By us!

Wedding in Three Forks, MT

Regretfully, I was not wielding my DSLR for most of the trip to Montana. But luckily, I’m the new owner of an iPhone! The DiploMan’s dad was generous enough to loan me his old iPhone 3GS, which is still in perfectly good condition, and good enough for me to do what i want with an iPhone- which is to take photos and use Instagram.

practicing for a rodeo


With the DiploMan’s old iPad gifted to me and now this old iPhone from his dad, I’m quickly becoming known in his family as that-girl-who-will-take-any-old-i-product. I’m okay with that.

By the by, if you’re interested in a play-by-play of our roadtrip from CA to MT – meaning, if you want to know how 7 adults fared in a 7-seat minivan – go to twitter and search #MTroadtrip.

Puckerbrush, NV