Street Melons

Heyo, how was your weekend? Mine flew by, filled with good eats and fun times. I know I’ve been saying this for awhile now, but our time here in Guangzhou is really coming to an end now- less than 10 days left!!

The weather has been great lately: clear skies and bright sunny days, and shoot, I don’t know if my body has acclimated to the humidity, but it just doesn’t seem as hot as it was last year! Vendors have set themselves up close to our house, selling coconuts and huge slices of melons, for any passer-by wishing to beat the heat. I’m always tempted to try these luscious looking fruits, particularly the huge slices of melons that are sold on sticks.

Fire Safety Training, China-style

Many things warrant a gathering of a crowd in China- a traffic accident, a yelling match, small babies. In this instance, it was fire safety training for a group of restaurant workers- right outside of the restaurant, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the parking lot.

As with most events in China, people were more interested in taking photos and recording the presentation, rather than listening to the advice that was being given.

Check out the video that our friend Chris took:

Fire Safety Lesson in China from Jessie on Vimeo.

Newsworthy….for reals, this time.

What a beaut, huh?

I learn something new every day living in China. It’s something that I really appreciate being here. Not only am I surrounded by hyper-intelligent and well-traveled people, but immersing myself in a new culture and new language has taught me many things, big and small. Some days, I learn life lessons, like how I shouldn’t assume people don’t speak English. Other days, I learn things like how to say ‘Canton Tower’ in Chinese, even though I’ve lived in this city for 2 years and probably should have learned how to say it two years ago.

Anyway as you know we’re winding down our time in Guangzhou. So with the pretense of having a bucket list, the DiploMan and I set a date to go atop one of Guangzhou’s biggest tourist attractions.

Two Fridays ago, we went up 110 stories, plus some, up the highest tower in China. Highest tower in the world, up until a few months ago when the Tokyo Sky Tree was completed (mind your semantics- highest tower, not building. Yeah, I thought that was a cheap trick too).

Luckily, we caught a clear night in Guangzhou. We arrived just as the sun set, and caught a beautiful nightscape of Guangzhou all lit up.

Then you know what happened??

the DiploMan proposed. On the highest part of the highest tower, in the city we’ve made our home for the last two years. He got down on one knee and promised me a ring. And asked me to marry him. There’s been a lot of ups and downs here in China, and this was definitely a big up.

I’m not quite sure when I said yes, but I definitely asked, “are you sure” a few times.

He was sure. I was sure. We’re engaged!