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I’m Jessie. Welcome to my blog about my adventures around the globe. I write for work and eat for fun and travel for life. I love markets. My hairstyle changes, a lot. This is a place where all these things collide, with some photos sprinkled in for good measure.

In my past, I have been a painter, a teacher, an Angeleno, a Brooklynite, a gallerina, a maitre’d, a cheesemonger, a yogi, a student and a waitress.

I have, and always will be, an explorer, a creative, a traveller, a gastronome, a perfectionist, a sandwich-maker, and an artist.

One day I hope to become a famous blogger, a published author, a travel journalist, a restaurant owner, a mother, a guru, an inspiration, a cult leader.

Kidding about that last part…sort of.

This blog is about my life in Africa. In Tanzania, to be precise.

Although, from 2010-2012 I was living in Guangzhou China, and then found my way to Washington, DC for a year after that. So I occasionally ramble on about those times, too- the good, the bad, and all the peeps in between.

Click to read some F.A.Q., including the answer to why there’s nothing about marshmallows on this blog.

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