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I am in the process of cre­at­ing a sep­a­rate site for sam­ple work. In the mean­time, the best place to peruse my writ­ing is on THIS VERY BLOG! On the side­bar you’ll find TAGS, click through to “travel”, “food”, or “pho­tog­ra­phy” for the most inter­est­ing posts. For a selec­tion of sam­ples of my writ­ings from around the web, click through the links below:


Got a Light? The sta­tus of Smok­ing in China”, pub­lished Dec. 2011, echi​nac​i​ties​.com

AIDS: A Pend­ing Epi­demic in China”, pub­lished July 2012, echi​nac​i​ties​.com


Street Food in Mex­ico City: A Taco that Told A Tale”, pub­lished Sep­tem­ber 2011, hon​est​cook​ing​.com

Guangzhou: A Visit to the Yakushi Pearl Fac­tory”, pub­lished May 2012, echi​nac​i​ties​.com

Zhangji­a­jie: Avatar Moun­tains in Hunan, China” posted Sep­tem­ber 2012, afar​.com


Will the Real Egg Roll Please Stand Up?”, pub­lished June 2011, hon​est​cook​ing​.com

Zuc­chini Pat­ties with Nec­tarine and Corn Salad”, pub­lished August 2012, recipere​lay​.com

City Tips:

Guangzhou: “Inter­na­tional Din­ing in Taikoohui Shop­ping Cen­ter”, pub­lished June 2012, echi​nac​i​ties​.com

Guangzhou: “The Best Burg­ers in Guangzhou”, pub­lished June 2012, echi​nac​i​ties​.com


“In the Sil­i­con Val­ley, A For­mer Gro­cer Makes a Stand”, to be pub­lished in the forth­com­ing first issues of Hon­est Cook­ing iPad Mag­a­zine, out late 2012-early 2013

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