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The first time around in China, I held regular freelance jobs with companies where I did proofreading (English and Chinese) and did random things like a little bit of voice-recording.  This time around in China, I’m working full time in the realm of public diplomacy, but I am always looking for new ventures and possibilities.

In between these two China stints, I contributed to sites such as HonestCooking, Girl Meets FoodeChinaCitiesRecipeRelay, MealDish, and EaterDC. I have been featured in magazines such as Island Traveller, Swahili Coast, and the American Foreign Service Journal, in addition to a smattering of other online publications. For a couple years I assumed the helm as managing editor for Dar es Salaam’s oldest and most popular city magazine (in print only), What’s Happening in Dar.

But now, when not working a “normal” job, writing, eating, or browsing the internet, I do other things. Like get strangely involved in the world of cheese. I also do a lot of yoga and drink a lot of wine (though, not at the same time).

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    • Hi, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Your blog is gorgeous, way to go with the design and branding…are you doing it yourself or with a template? Always looking to know how others find their way on the web. And, what is your family doing in SC now? Any idea if you’ll be abroad again?

      • Hey Jessie! I was just going to say the same thing about your blog. I do my own blog design and coding and am based off of the Typepad Pro platform. My husband has an assignment here in Charleston. Our next assignment is in DC and we’ll be heading abroad after that, hopefully. How much longer are you guys in Tanzania? Where are you heading next?

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