Seeing through the gray


Blue skies were relatively normal my first year in Guangzhou- something that I can be very thankful for living in a big city in China. But the past few months have been nothing but dreary. The worst of winter gloom seems to be over though, as a recent heat wave sprinkled with random five-minute downpours has brought brilliant azure skies and big white puffy clouds- bluer and puffier than I’ve ever seen.

Take a look at some views from my train ride to Hong Kong yesterday:

If it weren’t for the crazy ugly buildings with tiny, barred windows and the looming skyscrapers being built in the background, you’d think we were somewhere other than China.

**This is probably one of those “you know you’ve been in China too long…” posts.¬†As in, “You know you’ve been in China too long when your blog posts feature pictures of clouds and blue skies…..”

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